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"Love Heals the Sick & Heals the World"

Photo Gallery

All Around the World!

Photos From Palestine, Peten, Guatemala, Cameroon & Ghana Africa, Ukraine & More countries to come..

Your donations made it possible for a new washer! Thank You!

An infant nebulizer donated by Nationwide Children's Hospital

Nationwide Children's Hospital physicians are true champions! Blessed to have worked with Dr. Caldwell & Dr. Koram to serve children in rural areas & looking forward to the future doctors  & team members. Here we served in an orphanage. Many children had skin & parasitic infections. We came at the right time to manage a chickenpox outbreak. Our highlight of this day was the reminder by one of the kids to the doctor to wear gloves b/c he had something contagious.

Newborns with meconium aspiration wait in the labor & delivery room until space in the ICU or neonate unit is available. A basin is the oxygen hood to keep the newborn from further respiratory distress

Nancy & Ramon, partners in ministry we go where no one wants to go to provide C.A.R.E. No heat, rain, mudslide, mosquitoes, snakes & other jungle creatures can stop us to spread the Golden Rule as remedy with our supplies to the those in need.

Thanks again for your generous donations Dulce Refugio is improving the infection control measures by keeping their 50 seniors with clean clothes, receiving medical supplies and eating healthy.

American and local physicians work together to decrease infant mortality and raise the life expectancy in el Peten, Guatemala.

Food was spoiling now the seniors have a new refrigerator that works & have healthy food to eat!

A basement full of supplies! I need your help getting them overseas. Feel free to donate to 1DivineLine2Health below. Thank You!