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"Love Heals the Sick & Heals the World"

Medical missionaries don't have it easy at all! We work in harsh conditions risking our lives to the exposure of illnesses in countries that medicine and medical supplies are scarce.

 Hospitals, villages and their clinics basically have NOTHING to work with to serve their people.

 As an American trained nurse, I see how our new and even medical supplies that are considered junk & contaminated has become a blessing to so many people locally and abroad. The poorest person in the USA is rich in a developing country. I feel it is up to our governments to make sure that everyone has access to preventative health. 

This is not controversial! Preventative health will minimize the cost of chronic illnesses!

People need to be empowered through education to learn about healthy lifestyles. I am motivated to do this here and everywhere I serve. I am always looking for others to do the same. Being proactive means not only educating people but going and doing something about Human Trafficking, Addiction, Incurable Diseases, Hunger, Thirst, & Homelessness.  

I have been corresponding with Andy Pike, President of Mercy Airlift International, who was recommended by Abdi, a supervisor at The Ohio State Medical Center Operating Room. As a child living in Kenya there was a group of physicians brought by Mercy Airlift to his village who performed the surgery that restored his hearing. Andy is amazed at the amount of goods in my basement. My partner in ministry, CEO of Basement Blessings, Heather has the clothes, shoes, and furniture, which is also an additional blessing. 

"The supplies are extremely valuable and many countries need them."

Andy reports. He works with another nonprofit who provides the carriers and freight for shipment. Our obstacle right now is that we don't have a warehouse to store the items as fast as they're coming. Andy needs another jet and has two working right now. The third is dead so they are selling it by parts.

I am asking for a JET and PILOTS. I am also considering taking pilot classes, while my budget says no. The jet in the above photo will get the job done. I already have 2 gurneys that fit for minor procedures. If you would like to donate money you can do so through the donate link above. If you know someone who is a pilot or anyone interested in donating time and a jet please have them contact me at [email protected] 

God Bless You and be a part of our vision to Heal the Sick & Heal the World!

-Esther Flores MBA, BSN, RN

Here is the left side of my basement & Mickey, a mom with a special needs child  helping to sort supplies and decorate my walls with butterflies. Everything we do is to express Love locally & globally.
Here is the right side of my basement. Some of these boxed supplies will  be donated to organizations that served in under-developed countries.