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 Love Heals the Sick & Heals the World

Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking IS modern slavery. This criminal industry generates annually over $150 billion internationally and $32 billion of is in the United States. Human Trafficking denies freedom to over 30 million adults and 13 million children around the world. Please note these numbers are inaccurate.

So what does 1DivineLine2Health do to help rescue the victims of human trafficking? Every Friday night, a group of volunteers go out in the "Love Mobile" or "Love Bug" as pictured here. We go into the trenches (alleys and streets) to feed street Sisters and the homeless. We provide them with a bag filled with food and toiletries. We have lined up detox centers in case the women decide they want help on the spot and transport them to receive immediate help. We  have 2 Love Drop-In Centers where the women can eat food, rest and linked to services needed for them and their children. We have partnered with Alvis house to provide therapeutic methods for the women in recovery. We work with the incredible Sparks Protective Services team, aka The Cowboys, who come along with us for safety purposes. We have witnessed many stories of women being blessed on the streets and grateful for just being with them. 

No matter where you live, the chances are human trafficking is happening nearby or even in your backyard. It exist inside and outside the United States. It is not only sexual exploitation it's, child labor, organ harvesting, peonage, & undocumented workers being paid less than minimal wages. Columbus, Ohio has become a sanctuary city for some radical Muslims. Polygamy by older Muslim men who impregnate younger women, beat, rape and threaten to take their children away from them. These same men receive benefits on behalf of their wives names mean while the women are starving. These men use the government money to open businesses. Americans and friends we need to dismantle this system where our tax payers money funds this kind of human atrocity. 

From the girl forced into prostitution at a truck stop, to the man discovered in a restaurant kitchen, stripped of his passport and held against his will, all trafficking victims share one essential experience: the loss of freedom. Our team here and abroad offer you freedom with the currency of LOVE!!!

1DIVINELINE2HEALTH is solution driven as a 501c3 nonprofit and public charity. Millions of dollars go towards education prevention on human trafficking and not enough for safe houses like the Gilgal Project that we can deploy Love Bugs to each of the 4 corners of Columbus where the Sisters are at.  We are not yet government funded. Locally we provide transitional housing to single women and desire to replicate the model abroad. We need more houses for pregnant women and runaway youth.  Become a Love Warrior, a remedy to the people we serve locally and internationally. WE NEED YOU to do SOMETHING Now!! 

What we need: 

1. Financial Resources to keep the Love Bug running
2. Houses, duplexes, & apartment complexes 
3. Non-perishable food items and 8oz water bottles 
3. Toiletries: toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, deodorant, wipes, tampons (Big need) and etc. 
4. Socks or gloves for winter time
5. A Warehouse which I call the Love Depot whereby my partners can all work together and provide tangible Love and in action by the services we provide in our community

Please click the donate button below if you would like to donate money. To donate time or items, please email us at [email protected] 

All interested in becoming volunteers are required to go through the She Has A Name training which is provided on a quarterly basis.