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 Love Heals the Sick & Heals the World

A generous man who desires to be anonymous heard my story bought our first house and renovated it. His generosity rescues lives as each of the donations received. This is our first house. It took 7 months to renovate and currently  needs a Central AC unit. We desperately need 3 other houses ready to move in. Each house will be numbered and called Gilgal. On your left my side kick Heather CEO of Basement Blessings was modeling Gilgal #1 before the renovations started. On your right Bob from Michigan is celebrating the completed porch. He and a group of his friends helped him build the porch and redid the landscape. 
Our caring team of professionals practice a HOLISTIC approach via Case Management to assist in the healing process of survivors of Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking. An RN manages prescribed medications. Each woman has an assigned case manager to assist her to be self-sustainable. All work, pay rent and split utilities in our home. The case managers utilize agencies approved by the 1DIVINELINE2HEALTH team. They also participate in the Gilgal street outreach. There are different Gilgal Coordinators some teach sisters how to form healthy and not codependent relationships while others just participate in running fundraisers or collecting toiletries and other items. Children and youth are also Gilgal Coordinators. In a month after 1divineline2health became a house owner Cheryl and her Girl Scout troop used their funds and became a catalyst for the house to be furnished by Central Ohioans.  Lowes donated the major appliances and Diahann a School Nurse, donated the washer. The Gilgal Gilgal House #1 is lovely, peaceful, & secure 3 common words the sisters report about their experienced. 

Why the name Gilgal? 
Joshua 5:9 reads;  "The Lord said to Joshua "Today I have rolled away the reproach of Egypt from you." So the place has been called Gilgal." 

First, it was a boot camp for the Jews after crossing the Jordan and leaving the Egyptian yoke of slavery. For the sisters, it will be a place they learn life skills and apply them to become  productive members of society. 

Secondly, it was a place of new beginnings. No longer fed by God they had to earn their living; the sisters work, pay rent and are self-sustainable positive role models

Thirdly, it was a sacred place where shame & guilt was replaced by grace and favor of God. The sisters receive healing of their hearts, mind, spirit and body. From this site they learn to love & forgive first themselves and others, and walk boldly in freedom to achieve the impossible.  

They experience a true concept of family the power of a tribe via a peer support and Love Warriors

Quotes by the women
1. "Thank you for giving me a home to live while I get my life back together. Had you not been there I would like been homeless. I love you."
Sublime Audacity is a merger between Basement Blessing1DIVINELINE2HEALTH. We conquer the impossible by bringing people and organizations together to donate clothes, furniture, medical supplies, talents and time to serve people in need locally and globally. Our first container made it to Cameroon and the second to Ghana Africa on 2016. Even though we lack the funds, the space to store all the blessings, and  the box truck to transport supplies. We bless individuals, families, nonprofits, and safe  houses, receiving Hugs, Smiles, Tears of Joy & Thank You Notes. I am confident our infectious Attitude of Gratitude will pay off for both the giver and receiver.