Human Trafficking IS modern slavery. This criminal industry generates annually over $150 billion dollar and denies freedom to over 30 million adults and 13 million children around the world. 

No matter where you live, chances are it's happening nearby or even in your backyard. It exist inside and outside the United States. 

From the girl forced into prostitution at a truck stop, to the man discovered in a restaurant kitchen, stripped of his passport and held against his will, all trafficking victims share one essential experience: the loss of freedom. I am here to offer you freedom with the currency of Love!!!
1DIVINELINE2HEALTH focuses on the solution by taking children out of the brothels abroad and placing them in orphanages, locally we provide transitional housing to single women we need houses for pregnant women and youth. We go into the trenches with the LOVE Mobile providing food, first aid and transport our friends willingly to one of our Detox Center Partners. WE NEED YOU to do SOMETHING Now!! 

A generous man who wants to remain anonymous heard my story, and chose to donate a house for 1DIVINELINE2HEALTH to bring healing to women who are hurting in Central Ohio. Thank You & I love you for rescuing my sisters! Each house will be numbered and called Gilgal. This is our first house. It took 6 months to be renovated and currently needs a Central AC unit. We desperately need 3 other houses ready to move in. My side kick Heather CEO of Basement Blessings was modeling the house before the renovations started. As loving and licensed professionals we both decided a HOLISTIC approach via Case Management is the best way to assist in the healing process of trafficked victims. An RN manages prescribed medications. Each woman has an assigned case manager to assist her to be self-sustainable. All the Sisters work, pay rent and split utilities in our home. The case managers are experienced in working with victims and survivors of human trafficking and domestic violence. They utilize resources and outside agencies approved by the 1DIVINELINE2HEALTH team. The women also work with the Gilgal Coordinators who teach them to form healthy and not codependent relationships. In a month after 1divineline2health became a house owner Cheryl and her Girl Scout troop used their funds and became a catalyst for the house to be furnished by Central Ohioans.  Lowes donated the major appliances and Dihann an RN, donated the washer. The Gilgal House #1 is a lovely and peaceful and all the others will be just like it.

Another Part of the Gilgal Project is the Love Mobile it is used to pick up medical supplies to serve in developing countries and locally to free clinics and other programs that serve the homeless. The Gilgal Coordinators, Case Managers, and Sparks Security Private Services go out late in the night a few times a month to feed the Sisters of the Streets and love them. There is a Detox Center on call ready for us to bring any woman even men who desire to be helped. WE are in need of 3 more vehicles and houses to lovingly served in all the four corners of Central Ohio. We are in need of a LOVE Drop-In Center and non-judgmental volunteers and professionals to spend some quality time with our friends.

Why the name Gilgal? 
Joshua 5:9 reads;  "The Lord said to Joshua "Today I have rolled away the reproach of Egypt from you." So the place has been called Gilgal." 

It was a boot camp for the Jews after crossing the Jordan and leaving the Egyptian yoke of slavery. For the sisters, it will be a place they will apply life skills and become  productive members of society. 

Secondly, it was a place of new beginnings. No longer fed by God they had to earn their living; the sisters will work and pay rent and become positive role models

Thirdly, it was a sacred place where shame & guilt was replaced by the grace and favor of God. They will receive healing of their hearts, mind, spirit and body. From this site the sisters will learn to love & forgive first themselves and others, and to walk boldly with freedom. 

They will have a true concept of family. 

They will be encircled with genuine people from all ages and professionals who know how to love and help them be sustainable. In return the sisters will become positive role models in the communities as change agents. They choose to live as OVERCOMERS and NOT victims.  They will be empowered to achieve their goals and break the cycle of poverty & abuse through the dunamis power of God's love being practice by a remnant who live and express it OUTSIDE the Church walls. This remnant is filled with LOVE that overflows to the people they serve! They are the Love Warriors who change the world around them. They have had their struggles yet they choose daily to GO to the  streets, hospitals, prisons, nursing homes, shelters, work place, homeless camps, food pantry, free clinics and any place to express love in many forms, bringing laughter and joy, the remedy for the hurting.  Join the Love Warriors to annihilate evil by spreading love first in your home, neighborhood, state, nation and world by using your talents to make our world a safe and harmonious place to live in. LOVE ROCKS!
Sublime Audacity is a merger between Basement Blessing1DIVINELINE2HEALTH. We conquer the impossible by bringing people and organizations together to donate clothes, furniture, medical supplies, talents and time to serve people in need locally and globally. Our first container made it to Cameroon and the second to Ghana Africa on 2016. Even though we lack the funds, the space to store all the blessings, and  the box truck to transport supplies. We bless individuals, families, nonprofits, and safe  houses, receiving Hugs, Smiles, Tears of Joy & Thank You Notes. I am confident our infectious Attitude of Gratitude will pay off for both the giver and receiver.